Monday, January 18, 2010

Insight Into The Personal Side of Jerry Wade

I seldom, if ever, comment about my personal matters on this blog. That said, one of the potential benefits for readers of a blog is to gain additional insight about the author that might otherwise not be shared in the traditional format of "corporate communications." Readers need to understand that bloggers are representing their personal views, insights, updates, etc., that may not always be consistent with the company's traditional forms of communication.

The above said, I appreciate that many of the clients of my company, Wade Financial Group, care about me both professionally and personally and are often asking for updates regarding my health. With this in mind, I share the following about the personal side of my life on this amazing place we call earth!

Most readers may not be aware that I was a swimmer in college at Ball State in Indiana.

Last weekend, I competed in the Savannah Winter Classic, as part of the Savannah Swim Team (SST). Other teams were there from all over the region. I was one of three "old people" to compete.

I competed in the 100 freestyle, had not swum in race form in over 30 years. Had trouble in practice prior week with how to pace the 100 race. Came in at 1:02. I actually went faster in practice, but simply went out too slow on the first 50, of which I had been going out way too fast in practice. I will do better next time!

Matched my time of one month ago in 50 free at MN Masters meet of which I came in second in my age group.

MN Masters Meet- December 2009
Click on image below to enlarge.Savannah Winter Age Group Classic-January 2010
Of the 50 swimmers on the SST, age 5-21, I put in the fastest male swimmer time and second fastest across both girls and boys for the 50 freestyle.
Click on image below to enlarge.

Life Lesson:
Thanks for caring. It is the love and caring among each other that transcends the day to day challenges in life that we all face.

Jerry Wade

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