Saturday, May 07, 2011

Why Paying the Annual Fee for the Amex Platinum Card is Worth It

I have an American Express Platinum Card that has a $250 annual fee. I pay this fee because:
  1. They have a real, U.S. based service team that you are able to contact.
  2. This card replaces the need for a AAA membership when you experience issues with your car.
  3. When I lock myself out of my Savannah condo, they send over a locksmith.
  4. They repaired a flat tire on my snowmobile trailer in the Wayzata High School parade, which they did not have to do.
  5. They assist my children with any issues that may arise when they are traveling in another state.
  6. They provide access to free beer and free internet when you need it the most! Example: I am currently sitting in the Charlotte airport in the U.S. Airways VIP Lounge, which this card grants me access to. I was sitting here last week, too!
  7. My flight to Minneapolis has been delayed so free beer number one is almost done. Don't worry, they will page me when and if I can make it home today.
  8. Free beer number two is almost ready to begin .... okay, I did tip the bartender, that is not included.
Well, I will now send off this blog for posting, relaxing in a nice leather chair while waiting to be paged for my flight. It could take five minutes; it could take five hours. Either way, there is no lower-stress way to deal with this situation or the others that I have listed.

Note: Beer number two has begun, cheers!

Life Lesson: All of this is worth the $250!

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