Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WFG Top Stock Picks in "Good Company"

The primary time of year for my/our robust stock and portfolio analysis is November and December.  This time period allows for a full review and appraisal of all current holdings and consideration of potential changes as we enter a new calendar year.  We, of course, evaluate all portfolios and holdings throughout the year, but desire to give each year's top picks time to run, unless new information comes to light that provides a cause for a making a sale or adding a new position that we believe meets our  ConVal® security selection criteria.

The table below reflects what Morningstar calls the top picks at any given time of their "Ultimate Stock-Pickers."
It is very interesting to see that of the 70 stocks WFG currently owns via our ConVal® process, all of the stocks on the list above are owned by WFG, except Wells Fargo.  These stocks were either already owned in 2010 or purchased in January of 2011.  Of greater note is that WFG identified many of these stocks as top picks earlier than the M-Star "Ultimate Pickers" did.

Investing Lessons
1. Bigger is not always better
2. WFG's ConVal® process is a winner

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