Monday, June 24, 2013

In a crisis, would you know where the important documents are?

Think of the people for whom you are an emergency contact: a spouse; a parent; a child; a close friend….Do you have the knowledge you might need to help these people in a crisis?

In many situations, you would need immediate access to key documents. That’s why it’s wise to locate and organize these materials proactively, rather than waiting until an incident or situation makes it imperative to find them. When you’re dealing with a crisis, you certainly don’t want to be in a dusty attic, frantically shuffling through an enormous box of papers, or at the back of a long line at a government office, trying to replace a critical document that has gone missing.

Download our checklist of estate planning documents
Download and fill out this checklist of your critical documents, and ask your close friends and family to do the same. Finally, make sure that everyone knows the location of these key checklists.

This is just one of the organizational tools we use as part of our Estate Planning Service. If you’re concerned about how to organize, protect, and transfer your legacy to your heirs, talk to your Wealth Advocate today. An investment in estate planning now can prevent stress-filled chaos later on.

From Bob Smrekar, AIF®

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