Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can “U” Handle The “Truth?” Avoid Placing Your Head in the Sand

The title of this blog says a lot. I have had several readers of my blog indicate recently that:

1) They believe I am being too negative in many of my posts.

2) Some have indicated that they are going to quit reading my blog because it is making them depressed.

I just returned from a trip to my home state of Indiana, having had dinner with some relatives. When asked for my feelings about the future, I shared my serious concerns regarding the significant headwinds our country is in and will be facing. I could tell from their response that they had hoped for a more positive outlook.

Look at it this way, when you go to the doctor, are you looking for the truth about your health, or are you looking for the truth to be sidestepped?

I implore all readers of this blog and clients of WFG and our mutual fund to face the reality of the reduced growth economy we are facing and not avoid the topic by choosing to “mentally check out.” Your wealth is as important as your health. If you have a heath condition, treat it. If you have a “wealth condition,” treat it as well by seeking advice as to what you can do to adjust to you current state of financial affairs.


Only by standing against the prevailing winds – selectively, but resolutely – can an investor prosper over time. Such a strategy may underperform during markets that are rising based upon the momentum of the herd vs. fundamental valuations.

Acting like an ostrich with your head in the sand is a very dangerous approach to addressing your finances and life in general.

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