Friday, February 05, 2010

When You Travel, Wear Something From The College You Went To

I have found that if you, or one of your kids, etc. attended a particular college, wearing something with that school's name on it, is a great way to meet people. This works well for small to medium size colleges.

I am from Indianapolis and my daughter is currently a junior at Butler. I am traveling today from Savannah to Indianapolis to visit her and to go to my second Butler basketball game of the season.

I was only minutes into the Savannah airport when someone stopped me and said "Hey, did you go to Butler?" This also happened on the streets of Savannah two weeks ago and the last time I flew to Las Vegas. Turns out the retired gentleman I met today, played on Butler's basketball team and faced off against the Ohio State team that sported Jerry Lucas, John Havilicheck, etc. He also played with the famous basketball star, Bobby Plump, famous for hitting the "last shot" in the movie "Hoosiers".

So next time you travel, wear a hat or t-shirt from your college and you will be surprised how many new people you will meet!

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