Thursday, February 04, 2010

Where Have I Been Lately? Performing Deep Analysis of Our Portfolios Of Course!

December and January of each year I go through the process of taking all of our portfolios apart at Wade Financial Group, and then putting them back together again as if we were starting from scratch, based upon the world today, not one year ago.

I have a friend that tinkers with cars. The purpose of tinkering is to get more power, better fuel efficiency, etc. Sometimes when he takes an engine apart, when putting it back together, there may be those "aha" moments. These are moments when you stop the rebuilding process and consider that a newer/better part that was not around one year ago should replace a previous part. He would also take into consideration if the "environment" for the engine/car is different than the year before. Things like: what is the price of gas, does Ethanol really add value, is super charging in order or is bracing for a turbulent terrain justification for making major adjustments to the suspension system?

We here at Wade Financial Group have been working overtime to make adjustments for 2010 across all of our portfolios that we believe are prudent, based upon where we see the economy now and upcoming, vs. the past.

A future blog will recap the changes across our portfolios that we have/are making on behalf of the wealth our clients have entrusted
us with.

Financial advisors who constantly reevaluate what is going on in the financial markets are worth their weight in Gold.
A contrarian style of investing is the ONLY method that has proven, over time to reduce risk and take advantage of opportunities.

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